Saturday, September 19, 2009

A night of lolygaggery and ballywho

So last night we had some peeps over, and as always seems to be the case, the funny hats went on and the cameras came out.

I work at the Newport right, which if you've not heard of it, is kind of renowned for being the bar in freo for young crew to go to and get messed up, it's busy, it's popular. Now, I'm 100% down with the need to blow of steam, unwind, and generally just escape the pressures of life, be them uni, work, family, or anything else. But what I don't understand is why people need to cut loose in such impersonal, gross ways. Let us use clubbing as an example, although it's starting to get better, there are very few clubs in Perth with good music, which at 100 decibles, is pretty much the only thing you're going to get from a club. They are too loud for genuine social interaction. Have that particular sickly sweet scent of dried vomit and spilled booze. Are possibly the most inconvenient places to get to, and from, in the universe. And are, without exception, filled with more frowns that smiles, at least past 11pm. Every weekend, I see hundreds of people in this city's nightspots staggering around anomic as all hell. I put if forth to you world, that we need to recapture friendship and social interaction centred around respect and [without being too hallmark here] love, rather than convenience, and an archaic notion of being true to your mates.

Now, I don't want it to seem like I'm some kind of reculse shutin that looks down from atop my mighty peak of pretension on the peons below me who could possible want to go clubbing. Not at all, I've had some great times in clubs getting my freak on out on the dance floor, or making smokey eye contact with that sexy someone across the room. These are things that I'm more than willing to own up to enjoying. What baffles me is how people willingly get so sideways that they either don't have a good time, or can't remember the awesome falling and vomiting and passing out that they might have really enjoyed at the time.

The point of all this waffling is to say, it don't gots to be this way, yo. You can get some good mates, some good tunes, some good food, [last night's example of this were some bomb digity goood cookies from Faye for fixing her computer. Big ups Faye, they were tasty] and some silly clothes, and have damn near the best night possible.

So without further ado, photos from a really awesome night last night.

The First set of pictures is an ode to all the lame assed cam girls out there who still think they are fooling people about their weight by doing overhead shots. Also, showing your titties, not attractive.





My Badself


While we still had our funny hats on I demanded that we sit for family portrait, my glorious, ever patient friends indulged me.

Finally, a few notable mentions for some scraggly shots that don't really have friends. Awwwww.


Put two glasses down this boy and he's anyone's.

Complete Accident. Flash and digital, no fun.

I may or may not have a hole between my nostriles big enough to fit a finger through [note: not from cocain use.]

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