Monday, October 5, 2009

Link Post

Just a few of the rad-tacular things I've found this week.

First off I guess I'll throw the link up to the podcast I'm listening to, D-sides and Glitchmob? Daddy like.

Staying with thing electronica, Dancecult is a new online journal [like, peer reviewed academic-esque journal] on "Electronic dance music culture". Volume one is available, some good reading in there if you're in too deep like me.

I want to work in a place that paints stuff like this on the walls [from Boing Boing]

So, we actually live in the future now. Soon these will be mounted on the pilotless drones so that a man sitting behind a desk in tennessee can fire a laser at a tank from kilometers away in an unmanned remote control plane thingy. Jesus. We're too smart for our own good. [From engadget]

OMG. New feature from Paul King, director of the mighty Boosh. Squee [from Dangerous Minds]

Lol. Married to the sea are great.

I love chess. I'm also a [closet] car nut. This chess set is the absolute win. A rad tinkerer who has a flickr account knocked it together. [from Lifehacker]

The digital devide to which anchorwoman Leah refers, is a very real problem, one that the OLPC movement looked to address [incidentally, netbooks also came out of the program, don't let people ever say that aid can't have positive externalities]. It's efforts like this that remind me that while we have a long way to go, we're making progress. [From Rocketboom (why the hell are all of rocketbooms presenters hot young women? I thought we were better than this now?)]

Sometimes I forget that the states has an absolutely amazing public broadcaster. PBS, which gave the world Sesame Street, has compiled an hour long web video for kids to help them come to terms with the economic recession [which believe me, is pretty rough for a lot of people in the states] These are kids who were accustomed to a lifestyle of videogames and toys and now their folks might be struggling to pay the rent. It's a big ask to get a child younger than 10 to understand that sort of shift. Bravo PBS, Bravo.

Man. Not many things stir my emotions. This did. There is hope. The person I nabbed this link from sums it up best
For an educated adult living in a developed nation, designing and building a wind turbine that generates electricity is something to be proud of. For a half-starved, uneducated boy living in a country plagued with drought, famine, poverty, disease, a cruelly corrupt government, crippling superstitions, and low expectations, it’s another thing altogether. It’s nothing short of monumental.
[from boing boing]

This one courtesy of imgur

Found on 4chan

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